Monday, February 15, 2016

FEB 1st 2016

This was another week of a lot of service! We've just been continuing to to shovel the snow out of people's driveways which was fun! Super tiring physically, but it helps a lot spiritually! I was actually having a tough day, and we got a call to shovel some snow. So obviously they wasn't the first thing I wanted to hear haha. We get there to 2 feet of icy snow up a super slanted driveway. It started out rough, until the family came out and we started talking to them! It ended up being super cool and a great experience for me! I've really come to love service out here cause it puts me into such a good mood! 

This week I also got sick which was not very fun! Especially after all the snow locking us in, having to stay in the apartment again wasn't super fun! I did get out to one appointment this week that was pretty fun! We were able to meet with an elderly couple who knows my companion! They were super nice and told us about their 4 missions they have been on! Super devoted and kid people with very strong testimonies! They also make super good brownies which made my day for sure! 

Lastly I got the news that I will be staying in my area one more transfer! This will be 5 which is crazy I'm already this far out, but also crazy that I'm still here! I was kind of expecting a change this one, so it was a surprise not to leave! Apparently the Lord knows something I don't in the sense of there must be more I need to do here. I'm working on being more willing to accept what the Lord has for me. When we can make our will the same as the Lords our life will be very blessed! Just like the scripture in D&C 4:5! So my challenge this week is keeping your eye single to the glory of God and all he has for you! I love you all and have a great week! 


-Elder Jacob Reed Kohler

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