Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

First off just want to say to Luke that I hope you get well soon! Sorry to hear about the injury bud! Good job to Selma on your talk it sounded great! And congrats to Abby 
It was a good week here! Nothing too crazy to be honest. We had transfers which was cool. Always nice to see all the people from the mission. And it is cool to hear testimonies of the people going home and to get some advice for what to do! 

Other than that we had a good lesson with an investigator and are getting her closer to coming to church! It is a slow process, but she is becoming more open to the idea! Then we have been working with some less actives and they are doing a lot better! 

We also had a activity at the visitors center called Why I Believe, that I think I've mentioned before, but we pretty much have a guest speaker Come and talk and it is always super cool! This time was our stake president of the ward I'm in! And it was a really good talk! It was also cool cause we have heard whisperings that we are getting a new stake president! Which is interesting considering President Nelson is coming! So we are thinking our stake president might be ordained to the 70! So we are excited to find out more about that, and also to hear from president Nelson this next week! 
So big things coming up and for now just working hard and trying to get there! 

I also wanted to share D&C 62:3, it is all about sharing our testimony at every chance we can! And that these testimonies are recorded up in the heavens! Which blesses not only the people we share them with but also us ourselves! And since Abby got her blessing which is super cool! I just wanted to say how they are so important! And if you haven't gotten one I'd definitely recommend it! It is such a testimony strengthener! And it will guide any that look to it! And if you have one read it often! It is there to bless you but it can't if we don't use it! Much love everyone and have a good week! 
(Pictures of my last district, my room mates, and me making pasta) 

-Elder Jacob Reed Kohler

November 9th 2015

(This one has the date)
Hola mis amigos! Hope all is good! This was a good week looking back on it! Had some troubles getting appointments with investigators, but also blessings! We started off the week by checking on some people who used to be investigating the church and stopped for some reason. We decided it would be a good idea to go with a member in our ward. So we invited our ward mission leader and got right too it. Parked our car In front of the first house who didn't answer, and kept going through all the formers in the neighborhood. We ended up getting 2 return appointments!  As we were walking back to the car, I had a feeling we should knock the first door again. So I told the other two and we walked back up and knocked. This time the lady we were looking for answered and invited us in right there! We talked to her and she said she would love us to come back and visit! So it was super successful! Having members go out with missionaries gives extra blessings! So help out your missionaries! 
Next we got to go to the temple do to a session and it was amazing! It was my first time in this temple and the feeling was so cool! Just to be there with all the missionaries in the temple was a great feeling! 
This week we also had call outs, which is where we find out if we are leaving or staying in our area, then at transfers we find out exactly where.  So we had to be in early, but they didn't come out till late! So we decided to play some uno waiting for them, and it got pretty intense! Forgot how great that game is. So we waited and found out my comp and I will be together transfer in our area! Which we are super excited for because President Nelson is coming to our stake in two weeks! And I really have come to love this ward! They are all so great and so nice! And they feed us A TON! 
Then this week at church was the primary program which was cute and hilarious! You can't help but smile seeing those kids trying to sit still! I also feel like my Spanish is getting way better! We had a member bring her little brother who just got here from Honduras. She walked up to me and said he didn't speak English and asked if I could show him around, then take him to the young mens' class. First I thought, "crap I don't know enough Spanish for this!" But I just decided to try and see how I could do! And We talked a bunch! Just small talk getting to know him, but I understood everything he said and was able to respond! The gift of tongues is real! And I know I definitely had the spirit there helping me out! 
Then that night we had a missionary stake training and I ended up singing In it with my room mate, my zone elder, and two other guys I know. It was kind of short notice and we threw it together quick, but it was fun and turned out pretty good! My roommate and I might sing in the Christmas talent show at the VC! So we will see how that goes. 
So all in all a good week! Oh and hit four months this Sunday too! So that is crazy! Time has been flying by! And I'm enjoying every bit of it! 
Lastly I want to share a scripture I read that is so great! It's Alma 36:27. If we can put our trust in God, we will support us In our trials and deliver us out of some of our hardest times. It doesn't mean we won't have hard times, and it doesn't mean we don't have to try. We have to put our trust and faith in him, then show it in our actions. And it might be hard, but it will be bearable! I promise you that! I know cause I've seen it in my life here as a missionary, as well as before when I was back home. I've seen it way too many times to count! So put a little more trust in God this week and I promise you will see blessings! Much love everyone and have a good week!  
-Elder Jacob Reed Kohler