Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Well this week wasn't as exciting but it was a good one still! We didn't have as much success with our investigators. So we focused a lot of the members and less actives which was really nice! And did some more contacting which wasn't bad either. One of the fun ones was the Alcivar family! We went and did a little family home evening and their less active son stayed to listen which he doesn't always do! And they invited over a friend who seemed pretty interested too! We talked about the power of the priesthood because their grandson got it this past Sunday! It was a cool lesson and after we sang happy birthday to Hermano Alcivar and had some cake which was awesome! 

Then this guy who is in my roommates ward is starting his own soccer company! And is selling these soccer balls! So of course I got one! Then he called my roommate and asked if we would take a picture and send it to him and he would post it on Instagram! So that was pretty cool! 

I also got to help with the kids mutual in our ward this last week! We got there and they didn't have any games planned, so thanks to my good times in Alta stud gov with all our brain storms for assemblies I was able to think up some relay races and games and the kids loved it! So thanks to Pack and my stud gov friends!
Then we had a super cool zone activity today and we were in charge of making soup so we did that last night with our roommates which was cool! Then today for the activity we had a bunch of competitions and one was a relay race where I had to eat one fourth a pie without using my hands and I finished first which was awesome but I didn't eat anything after haha. And I also got wrapped up like a mummy which was chill! Then we got to play soccer and I couldn't have been happier!! It was the first time we had a real soccer game since I left and I was in heaven! A great scripture is alma 36:3! Because God supports us in all our trials is we come unto him! Love you all and have a great week! 

Oct 19, 2015

It's been a super up and down week! This one was a little tough at times, but I'm still pushing through with a positive attitude! And that has driven me for sure! I had a couple of cool stories this week that helped me see the hand of God in my life!

One was we went knocking to an area that we had never been to before. We went and there were no Hispanics! So we had A LOT of doors slammed in our face haha. We went up to one door with all the lights off but one window. It was a little creepy, but we decided everyone should have a chance to accept the gospel. I knocked and as soon as I pulled my hand back my comp said, "we need to turn around and walk away right now." As soon as he said that I got the most uncomfortable feeling I've had here. It was this creepy feeling and you could feel the spirit wasn't in that home. I was a little scared as we walked away checking over my shoulder, but knew we'd be ok as we followed a prompting from the spirit to just walk away. Then on a brighter note we knocked into a Jewish couple who were so nice! We knocked and the husband let us know they were Jewish and not very interested, but he did have a question. He asked that he noticed in some churches got statues and such they have Jesus on the cross or in a harsh or sad situation close to his death. And that we he visited our Visitors center and saw the Christ statue and we was standing and very much alive and well. He asked why, and my comp jumped right on it with a perfect answer! He said, "we believe in a Jesus Christ who is living today and leading our church. He has a body and is well and always here to help us." The man thanked us for stopping by and gave us one of those two handed heart felt handshakes. So it was a good note to finish on! 
Then we had the opportunity to go to a dinner for the volunteers of the 5K we helped with a little bit ago! So we went on an exchange with the ZLs to get there and as we walk up we notice it's at a Pub! So we just have 30 missionaries walking into a Pub and it was hilarious! We had our own private room, but it was pretty much 30 missionaries and maybe 10 other volunteers from the 5K. With an open bar in a Pub! It was way funny cause it was an open bar and there were just lots and lots of waters all around! But it was a good missionary activity as there were about 3 missionaries to another person at a time! Just talking about life and being an example of what we believe in! I loved it! 

We then had a ward night for all of the Hispanic culture in our ward! There are people from all over here! It was cool to see all the foods and the dances and signing! Had some tamales, that reminds me of of the grandparents bakery in Arizona! 

To finish I want to share an cool story from this Sunday! Like I said this week was tough at times! Really up and down. So on Sunday in sacrament I just started to pray. I prayed really hard for some answers and also for comfort. I asked to feel the spirit and to feel Gods love. And at that moment I can't even explain the spiritual feeling I felt! It was overwhelming. I felt like my body was vibrating, it brought tears to my eyes, and I couldn't help but smile. I know at that very moment my prayer was answered and I felt the pure love of Christ through the Holy Ghost.  I also had a feeling like I could feel someone there with me, helping me through it. And Grandpa Kohler came to my mind! I know that him and others are on the other side of the veil pushing me on and helping me feel that love and support! I know that you guys can feel just as powerful of a feeling if you will pray and put all your heart into asking Heavenly Father for help! I know you can feel love and support in your hardest times! And that one of the best places we can feel that is in church during the sacrament! 

A good scripture to go with it is 2 Nephi 32:9! The whole chapter is only 9 verses and is all good but 9 specifically talks about doing everything with a prayer in Christ's name! And I promise if you guys do that you'll feel a difference in your lives! I love you all and I hope you have a good week! 

-Elder Jacob Reed Kohler