Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Well this week wasn't as exciting but it was a good one still! We didn't have as much success with our investigators. So we focused a lot of the members and less actives which was really nice! And did some more contacting which wasn't bad either. One of the fun ones was the Alcivar family! We went and did a little family home evening and their less active son stayed to listen which he doesn't always do! And they invited over a friend who seemed pretty interested too! We talked about the power of the priesthood because their grandson got it this past Sunday! It was a cool lesson and after we sang happy birthday to Hermano Alcivar and had some cake which was awesome! 

Then this guy who is in my roommates ward is starting his own soccer company! And is selling these soccer balls! So of course I got one! Then he called my roommate and asked if we would take a picture and send it to him and he would post it on Instagram! So that was pretty cool! 

I also got to help with the kids mutual in our ward this last week! We got there and they didn't have any games planned, so thanks to my good times in Alta stud gov with all our brain storms for assemblies I was able to think up some relay races and games and the kids loved it! So thanks to Pack and my stud gov friends!
Then we had a super cool zone activity today and we were in charge of making soup so we did that last night with our roommates which was cool! Then today for the activity we had a bunch of competitions and one was a relay race where I had to eat one fourth a pie without using my hands and I finished first which was awesome but I didn't eat anything after haha. And I also got wrapped up like a mummy which was chill! Then we got to play soccer and I couldn't have been happier!! It was the first time we had a real soccer game since I left and I was in heaven! A great scripture is alma 36:3! Because God supports us in all our trials is we come unto him! Love you all and have a great week! 

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