Monday, February 15, 2016

Feb 15, 2016 Happy Valentines Day from ELDER KOHLER

Well to start off we are getting more snow as wel speak which we will be staying in again today... So feel free to email me for whatever reason you might have! And second happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope your day was full of love! 

My week was super busy and pretty great! First off we did a lot of service which I have come to love so much! We have a family in our ward, who is the sister of the Mother in the house living with them who we have been teaching for a while now! (I hope that made sense) but anyway, she got married this last week! Which is so good for her and her situation right now! And she seemed so happy which makes us really happy for her! But we spend the entire day before in the church helping set up everything for it! My companion joked that we will have to do a wedding decorator business after the mission it was so good! Haha and it really wasn't too bad! We then spent our whole evening at a members cleaning out some of the storage rooms in their house! They are moving to a house they have in Ecuador and that makes me really sad cause they are one of my favorite families I've met here! They're crazy, loud, and super loving, so they remind me of my own family a lot! They said I can come down to visit after the mission though so that'll be on the list of many things to do! Lastly out of the service we met a family in our building who are from Iran, who we have seen a couple of times around our building and said hi to, but this time we actually had a conversation with them. They ended up asking us if we could teach them more English. We said we obviously aren't teachers but we would love to help as much as we can. They were surprised when we said too we wouldn't take money. The English part went well, but then they asked what we do exactly and of course we jumped right in on that one! We explained our purpose and even gave them a Book of Mormon to help with their English! He told us that in their culture when they hold a book sacred to them they kiss it and put it to their forehead, which he then did with the Book of Mormon which was really cool! We have ended each lesson with a little something about our church and it is going really well so far! They're such nice people! 

Next is some amazing news for us WE HAVE A SUPER SOLID INVESTIGATOR!!! So our investigator last week has had some problems with her house info so we weren't able to meet with her this week, which got us super down! But as we were talking to a woman in our ward she said her daughter is interested in hearing the lessons! The mother we actually received as a referral a while ago, but when we went to go check on her we found out that she is actually a member! She was baptized 19 years ago in Peru and when she moved here she didn't move her records and ended up being less active in the church. So when we found her she was super happy to come back and now we are teaching her daughter the lessons too! Her daughter is younger which is nice to be able to connect with more! We had one lessons which went really well! She picked up on everything and was super interested! We're so excited to continue visiting with her! One of her favorite things we told her, that I have really come to appreciate, is our knowledge that Christ visited the Americas after being Resurrected.  It is such a significant and important event in the Book of Mormon! And there be something I would definitely say you should read if you're at all interested! It starts in 3rd Nephi Chapter 11! 

Lastly church was amazing as usual! First off Marilyn came to church! (Name of the investigator above) this was a super big deal for us considering we haven't had an investigator to church in a long time! So to have a new investigator there was so cool! She asked a lot of questions and was really into learning about it! It was so cool! She met with the bishop for a minute and he was able to welcome her into the ward which was really good too! She said she enjoyed it and will be happy to come back next week! Also in church we have been teaching the primary kids every third hour which has been way fun!! They are hilarious and also super crazy! I'd like to say thank you to any and every teacher I've ever had, and also especially to my parents, because I know I was just as crazy as these kids! But it is also so much fun! We brought them candy for Valentine's Day and they were bouncing off the walls, but we were able to rope it in and have a good lesson about Nephi building is the ship to cross the ocean! 

All in all this week I'm very thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary! I love being able to help people and to see the happiness in their eyes from it! So in honor of Valentine's Day this week look for opportunities to show someone some love! 
I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

-Elder Jacob Reed Kohler

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